:: RESUMÉ ::

Fearless Creative, Visual Storyteller and Scrappy Mutt. 

Art director, Creative Director, dabbling writer and team leader. I have been fortunate enough to work at some reputable shops and in the trenches, back-to-back, with some stellar talents. Lifelong friends and comrades. Not a big title guy, more of a big idea guy. Culture, chemistry and hidden opportunities are where I find magic.

Being ex-military has fused a few mantras into my brainpan that I followed then and still use today in business:: “Stay alert, stay alive.”  “Adapt, improvise, overcome.” and at times, in this industry “FUBAR”.

:: Communication Arts/Advertising Annual ::

Featured Work

AUDI AIRBNB                    

To celebrate the launch of Audi’s 205-mph R8 supercar, we created the ultimate high-speed fantasy for all those who truly live to drive. We partnered with Airbnb to make this dream a reality. The ‘Home of the Audi R8’ was a real house that we then listed on Airbnb with an integrated, cobranded campaign, attracting people to the listing page and inviting them to experience the bucket list–worthy adventure for themselves.


Endurance athletes live for extreme challenges. And Second Skin, a new maker of athletic wear, needed to get their attention. So, we went to the extreme and created a 100-lb. coupon. Athletes earned their 100-lb. coupons by following clues on Instagram Stories. However, the hardest part wasn’t finding them. It was redeeming them. Because each athlete had to lug her or his 100-lb. coupon back to a local Dick’s Sporting Goods to cash it in.